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MARKETS: Quebec and Canada

Founded in Montreal in 1999, Créations Estelle Clareton is a research and creation company, a place to experiment in total freedom. The mandate of the company is to create innovative choreographic works, to present shows and participate in festivals and artistic events in Quebec, Canada and the world.

Common themes taken on by the choreographer comprise a realistic look on life, social relations and the hands-on experience of living and growing. At the heart of her process is a will to understand where we come from, where we are going and why. Knowing that it all will end one day. With each piece she probes the human being, looking for passing truths.The quest for independence and lost identity occupy her pieces regularly. And humour and tragedy are in the mix.

If dance and the body are the preferred languages of the choreographer, theatre and - more rececently - creative circus, take a vital place in her approach of the dancing mouvement.

In the last 18 years, the company has created 13 projects, produced and toured shows, participated in festivals and major artistic events in Quebec, Canada and abroad. The Company also organizes meetings and workshops relating to the shows it presents.





MARKETS: Quebec and Canada
Creation: 2015
Audiences: 4 to 10 years old (school) / 4 years old and over (family)

A family show that is endearing on many levels, STRETCHY is performed by two whimsical characters who find themselves, against their will, linked by an elastic band, playing with a constraint that has suddenly turned their world upside down. Through this forced intimacy they experience something absurd, a surprising dependency. Captive, they have no choice but to cope with this disturbing element, one that creates situations that are amusing yet also touching. The blue-clad, ever mischievous duo invites children ages 4 and up to a delightful experience that combines dance, theatre and clowning. humour

Creative team

Artistic director and choreographer: Estelle Clareton
Dancers and artistic collaborators: Brice Noeser and Katia Petrowick
Substitute: Audrée Juteau
Rehearsal director: Annie Gagnon
Music: Éric Forget
Lighting: Éric Champoux
Set design, props and costumes: Annie Gélinas

Good to know

Duration: 50 minutes
Capacity: 300 spectators
Performance space requirements: W30' x D24' x H14'
Audience outreach activities also available


Teacher guide
Technical rider




Victoriaville - Le Carré 150
Sunday 23 October 3PM and Monday 24 October

Lasarre - Salle Desjardins
Saturday 29 October 3PM

Val d'Or - Théâtre Télé-Québec
Sunday 30 October 2PM

Le Bic - Théâtre du Bic
Saturday 12 November 2PM

St-Léonard - Salle Mirella et Lino Saputo
Tuesday 15 November and Wednesday 16 November

Montréal - Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal
Saturday 19 November 1PM

Montréal - Grande Bibliothèque
Sunday 18 December 2PM



St-Jérome - Salle André Prévost
Sunday 5 February 3PM, Monday 6 February
and Tuesday 7 February

Ste-Thérèse - Théâtre Lionel-Groulx
Sunday 12 February 4PM

Lasalle - Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux
Sunday 19 February 2PM  

Montréal-Nord - Maison culturelle et communautaire
de Montréal-Nord

Tuesday 21 February and Wednesday 22 February

Rivière-des-Prairies - Salle Désilets
Saturday 25 February 3PM

Valleyfield - Salle Albert-Dumouchel
Sunday 26 February 2PM

Châteauguay - Festival Accès Danse
Sunday 26 March 2PM and Monday 27 March

St-Hyacinthe - Centre des arts Juliette Lassonde
Tuesday 28 March

Montréal - La Tohu
Friday 31 March and Saturday 1th April 11AM

Montréal - Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Saturday 22 April to Thursday 27 April

Gatineau - Salle Jean-Despréz
Sunday 14 May 2PM and Monday 15 May 

Critics excerpts

They were beaming, they were touched. (…) It’s presented with a lot of tenderness and also with a lot of intelligence

— Samedi et rien d’autre / Première chaîne Radio-Canada

We laughed, we really laughed a lot during the 50-minute show.
(…) There are regular changes in rhythm – the situations changes,  the music changes – so that no one is bored for even a second. ( …) It’s great entertainment and a good way of introducing children to dance.

— Le 15-18 / Première chaîne Radio-Canada

With the astute and impressive performances of Katia Petrowick and Brice Noeser, the discomfort, annoyance and disgust but also the joy, desire and euphoria that emerge from their interactions succeed in touching us. Stretchy offers an original experience and enriching reflections conveyed by incredibly precise choreography where every gesture has its place.

— La Marelle


Sous la nuit

En création, diffusion saison 2017-2018
Une coproduction de Créations Estelle Clareton et Trois Tristes Tigres

Arrivés au milieu du chemin de leur vie... Des hommes et des femmes sont entraînés dans les (leurs) profondeurs. Ils perdent pied, voient leurs repères disparaître et sont transformés par la souffrance infligée à leur corps.

Inspiré des gravures de Gustave Doré de L'Enfer dans La Divine Comédie de Dante, Sous la nuit nous dévoile nos enfers modernes, ceux de nos travers, de nos failles, de nos blessures, de nos dépressions, de nos chutes. La violence y côtoie l'espoir, celui de se relever, toujours. Les solitudes y croisent le nombre, la masse informe. Car dans les profondeurs, plus de hiérarchie, mais un seul peuple : celui qui avance, obscur, sous la nuit solitaire.

 © Stéphanie Capistran-Lalonde

© Stéphanie Capistran-Lalonde

 Gustave doré,  Inferno  Dante

Gustave doré, Inferno Dante