Ginette Ferland

I like to build, to do the preliminary groundwork, to communicate and create connections between people.

A native of Montreal, I've been working in the cultural milieu for the past 30 years. I have worn several different hats and have worked for many dance, theatre, cinema and comedy organizations. From creating the show to presenting the performance, as well as supervising communications and coordinating events, my skill set is varied and extensive. I have good organizational skills and enjoy taking on new challenges.

I especially enjoy developing dance and theatre proposals destined for the Young Audiences sector, which is why I am seeking opportunities where my expertise in promotion and as a booking agent can be put to effective use.

The companies I represent are leaders in their respective fields, recognized for their artistic research and creativity, as well as their interest in hybrid, interdisciplinary forms. I am impressed by their desire to create exciting work for audiences both young and not so young, and am keen to serve as a messenger establishing a connection linking artists, presenters and audiences. 

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Ginette Ferland
+1 (514) 523 3994

© NANS bortuzzo

© NANS bortuzzo


My Expertise? Communications!

My most extensive experience has been in the field of communications, having worked on numerous dance, theatre and multidisciplinary arts projects over the past 25 years starting in 1988, when I was the marketing director and press agent for Théâtre de La Manufacture.


Promotion and Bookings

Promotion and Bookings – Fertile Ground

Organizing the presentation and programming of shows is an area of great interest to me, one that has allowed me to promote the companies I have worked for (Bouge de là, Théâtre de la Pire Espèce, Créations Estelle Clareton). Over the years I developed close relations with many presenters in Montreal, other regions of Quebec and across Canada.

Over the past 15 years I have concentrated on dance performances for young audiences. In 2015 for example, I organized the Symposium on Dance for Young Audiences in partnership with various dance companies, an initiative that proved very successful and that had a formative impact on promoting the discipline. 

Words from her collaborators

Passionate and meticulous, Ginette provides us with quality artistic support and guidance. An active accomplice and a consultant with a strong sense of aesthetics, she is the keeper of the flame of creation, a committed advisor who brings our works to your venue with love and respect, treating them like precious gems, pieces that then come alive under the spotlights of your theatres and in the eyes and minds of your spectators, both young and old.

Pierre-Paul Savoie PPS Danse

Ginette is a passionate person who impressed me with her dynamic sensitivity and her ardent commitment to culture. When she enthusiastically plunges into a project and says Yes, anything seems possible.

— Estelle Clareton Créations Estelle Clareton

Like the image on her business card, Ginette Ferland is a hummingbird detectingand harvesting nectar from flowers in full flight and at top speed, an acrobat of communications who brings together artists and presenters, performance and audience. She is passionately involved in the vitality and evolution of the cultural milieu. It is a pleasure to work with her and to benefit from her expertise.

Nathalie Derome Des mots d'la dynamite

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- Bouge de là, L’atelier -

BC Touring Council ( British Columbia Presenters Network  ) 


Soirée des prix RIDEAU 2012
- Bouge de là, L’atelier -

Quebec Presenters Network


Office des tournées

Femme 100 têtes ( Organisme d’accueil )