The company

MARKETS: Quebec and Canada (depending on shows)

PPS Danse was founded in 1989 by Pierre-Paul Savoie. Over the years the company has created some 20 works and given more than 700 performances in a dozen countries in the Americas and Europe.

Openness, creativity, humanism, sharing and commitment underpin and nourish the company's activities. These values are exemplified in its choreographic works and the steadfast efforts by PPS Danse to democratize contemporary dance. By investing in areas of creation, production and cultural mediation PPS Danse continues to affirm its position as a pillar of Quebec's dance community.

The company's artistry is inspired by the principle of encounter and its creations join the realm of dance-theatre. Characterized by an interdisciplinary form and an inherent humanity, the works reach out to general and youth audiences alike.


Playing Hooky

MARKETS: Quebec and Canada
Audiences: 4 to 10 years (school) / 4 years and over (family)

Following upon Tales for Naughty Children, Pierre-Paul Savoie again draws on the unique and captivating world of poet Jacques Prévert, this time with Playing Hooky. Dance, music, the words of the poet celebrate the fantasies of children seen through their games and lessons. Featured are a quartet of dancers whose spirited antics reflect the child's imagination in all its boisterous beauty. The classroom and the schoolyard burst with inventiveness and freeform exuberance. 

Once again Pierre-Paul Savoie calls upon Benoît Côté who wrote the music for Tales for Naughty Children and The Chairs. In a modern, original mode the composer breathes new life into the musical forms of nursery rhymes and ritournelles, expressed through the voices of Alexandre Désilets and Amylie.

A celebration in dance, song, music and the poetry of children, filled with creativity, tenacity and camaraderie. 

Creative team

Collage, Choreography and Staging: Pierre-Paul Savoie
Texts: Jacques Prévert
Performers: Mathilde Addy-Laird, Chantal Baudouin, Dany Desjardins and Amélie Rajotte
Substitutes : Nicolas Boivin, Marie-Ève Carrière and Marilyne St-Sauveur
Music: Benoît Côté 
Voices: Alexandre Désilets and Amylie
Original composers: Joseph Kosma and Pierre Arimi
Drama consultant: Lise Vaillancourt
Costumes: Linda Brunelle
Lighting: Jocelyn Proulx and Valérie Bourque
Rehearsal directors: Annie Gagnon and Ève Lalonde

A coproduction of PPS Danse and Moncton's DansEncorps

Good to know

Duration: 55 minutes
Capacity: 300 spectators
Performance space requirements: W35' x D25' x H14'
Audience outreach activities also available


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Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros becs / Québec
Mercredi 24 octobre au mardi 30 octobre

Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde / St-Hyacinthe
Mardi 13 novembre/  9h30

Salle Albert Dumouchel / Valleyfield
Mercredi 28 novembre / 10h et 13h
Jeudi 29 novembre / 10h et 13h

Palace de Granby
Mardi 18 décembre 9h45 et 13h15





Théâtre Lionel-Groulx / Ste-Thérèse
Dimanche 24 février 16h

Salle Maurice O’Bready/ Sherbrooke
Dimanche 14 avril  14h
Lundi 15 avril  9h30

L’Étoile Dix 30/ Brossard
Dimanche 5 mai 15h

Salle Jean- Desprez / Gatineau 
Dimanche12 mai 14h
Lundi 13 mai 9h30 et  13h30
Mardi 14 mai / 9h30





The Chairs

MARKETS: Quebec and Canada
Audiences: General public 8 years old and over

In this choreographic tragicomedy, an elderly couple, aged 94 and 95, to ward off boredom, solitude and isolation, welcome a steady stream of imaginary guests at their door. Among them we find a colonel, a Sleeping Beauty, a group of children, animal reporters and even the King himself.

An absurd melee ensues with an endless shifting of chairs for the phantom guests. Then suddenly, for all to hear, the awaited Orator arrives!

To everyone’s surprise, it is a dancing deaf-mute child who, through the language of dance, speaks a universal message, conveying the shared thoughts of the elderly and the children, and their hopes for a future world. This original adaptation of Eugène Ionescu’s play seamlessly integrates dance, theatre and music.

Creative team

Adaptation and dramaturgy: Lise Vaillancourt
Choreography and staging: Pierre-Paul Savoie
Choreographic collaboration: David Rancourt
Performers: Sylvain Lafortune, Heather Mah and David Rancourt
Music: Benoît Coté
Sound: Thierry Gauthier and Benoît Côté
Set design and lighting: Jocelyn Proulx
Costumes: Linda Brunelle
Make-up: Florence Cornet
Accessories: Rachel Tremblay and Ève Turcotte

A PPS Danse production in collaboration with Place des Arts


Good to know

Duration: 60 minutes
Capacity: 300 spectators
Performance space requirements: : W40' x D28' x H16'
Audience outreach activities also available


Technical rider


Critics excerpts

Avec son adaptation des Chaises, le chorégraphe Pierre-Paul Savoie s’approprie avec bonheur, tendresse et sensibilité un joyau du théâtre mondial pour le jeune public.

— Olivier DumasMon Théâtre



Toujours aussi pertinente la pièce… fait résonner plusieurs couches de sens … Leurs dialogues et monologues font valser le sublime et l’ordinaire. Leurs petites routines et querelle, et surtout leurs gestes de vieux un peu fourbus par la vie faisaient bien rigoler le jeune public… Car la danse se mêle aux dialogues surtout sous forme d’acrobaties livrées avec la drôle de maladresse que leur âge impose.

— Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir

Un petit bijou …

— Mélanye Boissonnault, Radio-Canada (Montreal)