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The company’s mission is to create, produce and present interdisciplinary works for adult and young audiences. Des mots d’la dynamite is committed to delving into the relationship each person maintains with both their personal space and the universal space.

Since its foundation in 1988, Des mots d’la dynamite has demonstrated works of astonishing range and imagination, juxtaposing performance, the spoken word, theatre, music, poetry, dance, object theatre, visual and media arts. A pioneer in the interdisciplinary approach to art, the company has helped increase awareness and interest in this field in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

With many of its works performed for theatres, museums, artist-run centres, festivals and events, Des mots d’la dynamite has also presented its shows in Quebec, throughout Canada, in France, Italy, Poland, the United States and Cuba.

In 2008, the company decided to focus on a relatively unexplored area of the Canadian performing arts: the very young audience (18 months to 5 years old). Since then, three works have emerged for this particular age group. The three productions were made with the collaboration of young children and educators.



Slow Magic

MARKETS : Canada and USA
Creation : 2016
Audiences : 18 months to 5 years old

Inspired by an Algonquin legend, Slow Magic tells the story of how children separated the Sky from Earth, allowing for the hatching of the world and its evolution. 

On stage, a sound artist allows the secrets of playful mechanical objects to resonate while two jovial characters explore and build the universe.

They aren't afraid of getting dirty or wet to share their attachment to planet Earth, its mysteries and its endless transformations. In Slow Magic, all the senses are called upon to celebrate the cycles of life.


The genesis of Slow Magic

"My father was a potter. In our family, dirt was rarely synonymous with uncleanliness. The soft smell of clay wafts through my first memories as a crawling toddler. With Slow Magic, I chose to return to this primitive and primordial material." — Nathalie Derome

Creative team

Developed and written by : Nathalie Derome and  Steeve Dumais
Sound design : Anne-Françoise Jacques or Catherine Debard as a replacement
Performers : Nathalie Derome, Steeve Dumais and Anne-Françoise Jacques
Creative Team : Lucie Bazzo, Raymond Marius Boucher, Colette Drouin, Elinor Fueter and Gigi Perron

Good to know

Duration : 35 minutes + 15 minutes's animation
Capacity : 130 spectators
Audience outreach activities also available


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Critics excerpts

"A third production conceived for kids directed by Nathalie Derome, Slow Magic inscribes itself in the continuity of the two previous works, Scenes from a Tree and Where I Live. Its form testifies to the same artisanal care and possesses a similar will to engage its audience in the mysteries of human existence. The set design is imbued with delicacy, minutia and humour, in addition to standing out by its refusal to be too simplistic."
 Olivier Dumas,

"Playing with matter, transforming clay right before the children's eyes, Nathalie Derome and her two accomplices, Steeve Dumais and Anne-Françoise Jacques, propose an organic staging in which they allow the earth to speak. Set up on stage, they make themselves modellers of the raw material representing the beginning of the world."
 Marie Fradette, Le Devoir


Where I live

MARKETS: Canada and USA
Audiences: 18 months to 5 years old

Téqui (Who-Are-You) and Téoù (Where-Are-You) fold and refold paper and cardboard, and play with sound and lights to create small scenes in a delightful ritual to help them understand each other and explore the boundaries and pathways from the Self to the Other.

Téqui likes the earth and what grows in it; Téoù prefers space and what floats in it; and as they play their games, their feet become cars, their heads houses, their arms pathways, and their voices cities.

Where I Live explores “the state of inhabiting”: inhabiting one’s body, one’s house, one’s village and one’s planet.

In an easy and simple manner, the young audience members are invited to consider these big questions with us.

Creative team

Original idea: Nathalie Derome
Creators and cast: Nathalie Derome and Steeve Dumais
Technical director: Normand Vincent
Other creative team members: Lucie Bazzo, Colette Drouin, Louis Hudon, Martin Tétreault and Catherine Tousignant

Good to know

Duration: 35 minutes
Capacity: 130 spectators
Performance space requirements: W18' x D18' x H14'
Audience outreach activities also available


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Critics excerpts

Actors Nathalie Derome and Steeve Dumais have the sensitivity, availability and curiosity needed to capture and express the range of emotions that inhabit theirs characters as they plunge into a search of themselves and exciting adventures. (...) Subtle lighting enhances the feeling of intimacy, similar to a best friend whispering a secret into our ear. The music in Where I Live has been so meticulously researched and written that, in this reviewer’s opinion, it reaches a depth, breadth and richness rarely achieved in youth theatre. 

 Olivier Dumas, Mon Théâtre

This intimate gathering benefits from a simple yet creative approach that is tailor-made for toddlers; it is a production well worth seeing. Were we in a more imaginative world, we would see it adapted as a television series, with each theme developed as an early-learning opportunity for pre-schoolers and fill a gap in the current lack in quality artistic programming for this age group.

 Raymond Bertin, Jeu revue de théâtre.


Scenes From a Tree

MARKETS: Maritime Provinces and British Columbia
Audiences: 18 months to 5 years old

Inspired by the different seasons, Scenes from a Tree is like a herbarium filled with tactile sensations. Three treelike fairies with handicraft skills make their way through the changing seasons that mark the passing of time.

While their voices are the work’s driving force, wool and knitwork form the major component of the visual landscape and the common thread that connects the stories, songs, nursery rhymes and everyday objects. 

Scenes from a Tree is a series of poetic sketches that captures the feelings that come with growing up and establishing roots, like the trees we see around us every day. The show illustrates the small losses we suffer and the great discoveries we make on a daily basis.

Creative team

Original idea: Nathalie Derome
With: Nathalie Derome, Anne Brûlotte-Légaré and an other actress
Developed by: Nathalie Derome, Amélie Dumoulin and Karine Sauvé
Scriptwriters: Nathalie Derome, Amélie Dumoulin, Frank Martel and Lucie Trudel
Lighting designer and technical director: Catherine Tousignant
Artistic consultant and set designer: Mélanie Charest
Costume designer: Geneviève Dumontier
Music consultants: Kathy Kennedy and Nicolas Letarte

Good to know

Duration: 35 minutes
Capacity : 130 spectators
Performance space requirements: W20' x D18' x H12'
Audience outreach activities also available


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Toronto - Young People's Theatre
Wednesday 15 February to Sunday 26 February


Critics excerpts

The dynamic show by the Canadian troupe quite simply transported the audience. (...) The changing of seasons is illustrated in an original and reflective manner. But it is the coming of spring, illustrated with a multitude of little white lambs coming onto a field which provoked a great stir among the little audience members, whose level of enthusiasm achieved a level rarely seen before.
 Bogdan Widera, Miesiecznik społecznokulturany Slask
This remarkable show increases ingenuity and beauty exponentially, offering us a plethora of gifts, each one more precious that the last. Great art for very little ones."
Sophie Pouliot, La Marelle magazine